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    Torches Lit:295   Donated Lessons:2539   Countries: 42   Age: 4 to 72.
"Nihao Chinese" Program is presented by eChineseLearning, a worldwide leader in Chinese language education. By participating in this program, you can not only take a FREE one-on-one Chinese lesson and win fantastic prizes, but also contribute to charity causes.
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Take your FREE one-on-one lesson
A "torch" will be lit on the map and we will match a free lesson in the "eChineseLearning Grant," on your behalf, which will then be donated to groups in need.You will accumulate a point for each torch and have chances to win great prizes. .

Spread the word
Tell your friends and family members about our "Nihao Chinese" Program! For every friend or family member you refer that completes a free lesson, you will get 1 point and a lesson will be donated into the eChineseLearning Grant.

Win big prizes
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eChineseLearning Ambassador
On December 20, 2008, the top 3 Accumulative Ranking students (based on accumulative points) will win "eChineseLearning Ambassador" and the following prizes:
Top prize:5 years of free eChineselearning private lessons
Second Prize:3 years of free eChineseLearning private lessons
Third Prize:2 years of free eChineseLearning private lessons

eChineseLearning Torch bearer
For every two-month period starting on April 1, 2008, the top 3 Current Ranking students during the specified period will be honored as "eChineseLearning Torch bearer" and the following prizes: 
Top prize:1 year of free eChineseLearning private lessons
Second Prize: 6 months of free eChineseLearning private lessons
Third Prize:3 months of free eChineseLearning private lessons

Lucky Draw:
A Lucky Draw will be held every two weeks. Among all participants, one person will be randomly selected and win one of the following prizes:
2008 Beijing Olympic tickets
Olympic mascots
Traditional Chinese arts and crafts (e.g. paper-cut, Peking Opera masks, etc.)
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